"I was really impressed by how Dr Nijjer took into account my other medical problems. I needed a co-ordinated approach between by lung doctors and my rheumatologists. Dr Nijjer involved them and worked as a team to get to the bottom of my problem"

Expert opinion

We offer a comprehensive service to meet your requirements. Whether your consultation is for diagnosis, a second opinion or follow up, our expert team will ensure that you are well looked after.

Dr Nijjer will assess your symptoms and your medical problems and use the appropriate tests to diagnose your problem

Comfortable clinics and professional care

Patient choice and convenience is important to us. So you can book a consultation to see Dr Nijjer at any of his practicing clinics.  These are available at convenient locations in London and flexible times are available.

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Dr Nijjer will conduct a thorough assessment which involves taking a detailed history and complete examination. In many cases, this can be sufficient to make a diagnosis. If your condition requires further investigations, Dr Nijjer will explain which tests are the most appropriate and his rationale for them. He will explain what they involve and help you choose where to have them done. Dr Nijjer will explain the investigation results to you using a jargon-free approach, and agree your treatment plan with you.

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Comprehensive healthcare for you and your heart

One to one conversation

Have a detailed conversation with an experienced clinician to assess your symptoms and how its impacting on your life.

Get the right treatment appropriate for you

Medical care can be bewildering and choosing the right treatment can be challenging. Dr Nijjer will endeavour to help make your path to health, as straight forward as possible.

The right investigations in a timely manner

Getting the right tests at the right time, can make all the difference in for your health. Dr Nijjer has access to state of the art facilities to ensure you get the right tests in a timely manner.

Clear explanations

Medical problems can be full of jargon and confusing terms. Dr Nijjer will use plain language in a manner that you feel comfortable with, to explain the medical tests and procedures you may need.

A supportive team

Dr Nijjer has an excellent team that can support you as you may need. Being unwell can be a challenging time, and having the chance to talk about what you are going through can help you get better.

Be involved, in every decision

Your medical records are important and belong to you. Dr Nijjer will ensure you get copies of all the reports you need to support you as you make important decisions for your health.