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Private Patients

Dr Nijjer sees private patients at a number of different facilities, including 66 Harley Street, BMI Syon Clinic and Imperial Private Healthcare at the Hammersmith Hospital.

Patients may be insured by a provider (such as BUPA, AXA or WPA) who will cover the cost of the consultation and investigations depending upon your individual policy.  Most patients will seek a "pre-authorisation" from the insurer for the consultation prior to seeing Dr Nijjer.  

Dr Nijjer will also see patients who wish to cover the cost themselves and we can provide break-down of costs in advance to help patients to budget appropriately.



Dr Nijjer can be contacted via ringing his support team at 66 Harley Street.  Trudy Marr typically covers all of Dr Nijjer's patients but on the days that Trudy is not available, other members of the team will be able to help you.


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66 Harley Street London W1G 7HD
020 7436 4568


Sometimes you may just want to drop us a line, pass on results from other places, make a general enquiry or just contact us out of hours. In these cases, Email can reach the team and we can get back to you as soon as possible.  Contact Ana Svedberg who manages Dr Nijjer's electronic communications.



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BMI Syon & Hammersmith Hospital
020 7436 4568

One Heart Clinic, 27 Harley Street

This modern central London location offers state of the art diagnostic facilities with excellent support team from One Heart Clinic.  This boutique Cardiology service provides a highly supported concierge service with electrocardiography, exercise stress testing, resting echocardiography with Doppler measurement and stress echocardiography all available on site.  Holter monitoring including advanced monitoring for up to 14 days is available.  We have on-site CTCA and Cardiac MRI with stress perfusion facilities.  Contact Amy to make an appointment (

27 Harley Street provides state of the art investigation facilities

BMI Syon Clinic

This beautiful art-deco building has been repurposed into a dedictated medical facility with advanced imaging facilities.  In addition to a comprehensive tools for cardiac assessment, the Syon Clinic also has state-of-the-art CT Coronary Angiography and Cardiac MRI facilties that are run by world-class physicians.  Dr Nijjer works with alongside colleagues to offer a fully comprehensive non-invasive assessment all on one site. 

BMI Syon has state of the art cardiac imaging facilities

Hammersmith Hospital

The Hammersmith Hospital is a premier Cardiac hospital offering all the tools required for invasive assessment of patients with problems with their heart.  This includes coronary angiography, left and right heart catherisation, pressure wire assessment of coronary blockages and intravascular imaging tools.  When it is appropriate, patients can have revascularisation by percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI - 'stenting') and the Hospital has the latest generation of stent technology.  

Patients can stay in the comfortable facilities of the Sainsbury wing in which privacy, care and attention are the primary drivers.  The Hospital puts patients front and centre and this is demonstrated in their excellent results proven in national audits.

Sainsbury Wing at the Hammersmith Hospital

NHS Patients

Dr Nijjer teaches on the iCAST simulator to help other Doctors know how to perform in emergencies

NHS Patients

Dr Nijjer works across two NHS Trusts and has different contact details according to which Trust is responsible for your care.

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Hammersmith Hospital

Patients seen at the Hammersmith Hospital should contact:

Jermaine Charles


Imperial Cardiology at Hanwell Health Centre

Patients seen at Imperial Community Cardiology Clinic at Hanwell Health Centre should contact:

Tracey Loveridge, Simerjeet Hargun

0203 704 8111


Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust

West Middlesex Hospital

Patients seen at the West Middlesex Hospital should contact:

Department of Cardiology

Tel: 020 8321 5336

Fax: 020 8321 5394

Appointments: 020 8321 5610