Recent Publications

Clinical research drives excellence in healthcare.  Dr Nijjer has been involved in ground-breaking research which has lead to meaningful improvement in patient care.

The following is a list of recent peer-reviewed publications by Dr Nijjer.

  1. Taylor, D, Curran, J, Buckleton, J. 2018. Likelihood ratio development for mixed Y-STR profiles. Forensic Sci Int Genet 35:82-96.
  2. Lin, YL, Tsai, CC, Zheng, NY. 2018. Improving the organic and biological fouling resistance and removal of pharmaceutical and personal care products through nanofiltration by using in situ radical graft polymerization. Sci. Total Environ. 635:543-550.
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  4. Lazzaro, L, Tonkin, BA, Poulton, IJ, McGregor, NE, Ferlin, W, Sims, NA. 2018. IL-6 trans-signalling mediates trabecular, but not cortical, bone loss after ovariectomy. Bone :.
  5. Figueirêdo, CBM, Nadvorny, D, de Medeiros Vieira, ACQ, de Medeiros Schver, GCR, Sobrinho, JLS, Neto, PJR, Lee, PI, de La Roca Soares, MF. 2018. Enhanced delivery of fixed-dose combination of synergistic antichagasic agents posaconazole-benznidazole based on amorphous solid dispersions. Eur J Pharm Sci :.
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  7. Khlibsuwan, R, Khunkitti, W, Pongjanyakul, T. 2018. Alginate-caseinate composites: Molecular interactions and characterization of cross-linked beads for the delivery of anticandidals. Int. J. Biol. Macromol. :.
  8. Melo, B, Rezende, L, Machado, P, Gouveia, N, Levy, R. 2018. Associations of ultra-processed food and drink products with asthma and wheezing among Brazilian adolescents. Pediatr Allergy Immunol :.
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  10. Salaudeen, T, Okoh, O, Agunbiade, F, Okoh, A. 2018. Phthalates removal efficiency in different wastewater treatment technology in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Environ Monit Assess 190:299.
  11. Sampaio Vieira, T, Borges Faria, D, Azevedo Silva, F, Barroso, S, Fonseca, G, Pereira Oliveira, J. 2018. The impact of a Bayesian penalized-likelihood reconstruction algorithm on delayed-time-point Ga-68-PSMA PET for improved recurrent prostate cancer detection. Eur. J. Nucl. Med. Mol. Imaging :.
  12. Campillo-Marcos, I, Lazo, PA. 2018. Implication of the VRK1 chromatin kinase in the signaling responses to DNA damage: a therapeutic target?. Cell. Mol. Life Sci. :.
  13. Mohammad, G, AlSharif, HM, Siddiquei, MM, Ahmad, A, Alam, K, Abu El-Asrar, AM. 2018. Rho-Associated Protein Kinase-1 Mediates the Regulation of Inflammatory Markers in Diabetic Retina and in Retinal Müller Cells. Ann. Clin. Lab. Sci. 48:137-145.
  14. Abdel Wahab, WA, Ahmed, SA. 2018. Response surface methodology for production, characterization and application of solvent, salt and alkali-tolerant alkaline protease from isolated fungal strain Aspergillus niger WA 2017. Int. J. Biol. Macromol. :.
  15. Kettner, A, DellaCorte, G, de Blay, F, Jacobsen, L, Jutel, M, Worm, M, Charlon, V, Simonsen, K, Reymond, C, Spertini, F. 2018. Benefit of Bet v 1 contiguous overlapping peptide immunotherapy persists during first follow-up season. J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. :.
  16. Beasley-Hall, PG, Tierney, SM, Weinstein, P, Austin, AD. 2018. A revised phylogeny of macropathine cave crickets (Orthoptera: Rhaphidophoridae) uncovers a paraphyletic Australian fauna. Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. :.
  17. Hernández-Fernández, DA, Mora, E, Hernández, DMIV. 2018. When a new technological product launching fails: A multi-method approach of facial recognition and E-WOM sentiment analysis. Physiol. Behav. :.
  18. Setty, KE, Enault, J, Loret, JF, Puigdomenech Serra, C, Martin-Alonso, J, Bartram, J. 2018. Time series study of weather, water quality, and acute gastroenteritis at Water Safety Plan implementation sites in France and Spain. Int J Hyg Environ Health :.
  19. Pirosa, A, Gottardi, R, Alexander, PG, Tuan, RS. 2018. Engineering in-vitro stem cell-based vascularized bone models for drug screening and predictive toxicology. Stem Cell Res Ther 9:112.
  20. Sadorn, K, Saepua, S, Boonyuen, N, Boonruangprapa, T, Rachtawee, P, Pittayakhajonwut, P. 2018. Antimicrobial activity and cytotoxicity of xanthoquinodin analogs from the fungus Cytospora eugeniae BCC42696. Phytochemistry 151:99-109.
  21. Routledge, KM, Williams, LM, Harris, AWF, Schofield, PR, Clark, CR, Gatt, JM. 2018. Genetic correlations between wellbeing, depression and anxiety symptoms and behavioral responses to the emotional faces task in healthy twins. Psychiatry Res 264:385-393.
  22. Radhakrishnan, R, Alqarawi, AA, Abd Allah, EF. 2018. Bioherbicides: Current knowledge on weed control mechanism. Ecotoxicol. Environ. Saf. 158:131-138.
  23. Cheng, X, Yao, X, Xu, S, Pan, J, Yu, H, Bao, J, Guan, H, Lu, R, Zhang, L. 2018. Punicalagin induces senescent growth arrest in human papillary thyroid carcinoma BCPAP cells via NF-κB signaling pathway. Biomed. Pharmacother. 103:490-498.
  24. Al-Enizi, AM, Zagho, MM, Elzatahry, AA. 2018. Polymer-Based Electrospun Nanofibers for Biomedical Applications. Nanomaterials (Basel) 8:.
  25. Li, S, Chu, Y, Zhang, R, Sun, L, Chen, X. 2018. Prophylactic Neuroprotection of Total Glucosides of Paeoniae Radix Alba against Semen Strychni-Induced Neurotoxicity in Rats: Suppressing Oxidative Stress and Reducing the Absorption of Toxic Components. Nutrients 10:.
  26. Caiazzo, F, Caggiano, A. 2018. Investigation of Laser Welding of Ti Alloys for Cognitive Process Parameters Selection. Materials (Basel) 11:.
  27. van der Sandt, N, Schellack, N, Mabope, LA, Mawela, MP, Kruger, D, Godman, B. 2018. Surgical Antimicrobial Prophylaxis Among Pediatric Patients in South Africa Comparing Two Healthcare Settings. Pediatr. Infect. Dis. J. :.
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