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Expert Consultant Cardiologist in Central London, focused on helping you improve your Cardiovascular Health. 

He will help you with your chest pain, breathlessness, palpitations, ankle swelling or fainting episodes.

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Dr Sukhjinder Nijjer Consultant Cardiologist

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Dr Nijjer is a Consultant Cardiologist working in Central London at both Imperial College Healthcare and Chelsea & Westminster Foundation NHS Trust. 

He has subspecialised in Interventional Cardiology; his clinical practice covers all aspects of Cardiology. In addition to his clinical work, he actively participates in Clinical Research and has a PhD from Imperial College. He is the President of the Cardiology Section of the Royal Society of Medicine and is the Communications lead of the British Cardiovascular Intervention Society.  

He has devoted his life to Medicine and the care of his patients. Call 0203 9838 001 for an appointment

Heart disease is one of the biggest killers across the world, but with the latest technology, screening can unearth hidden heart concerns before they become problems. Identifying symptoms early and getting the appropriate treatment can prevent serious problems from becoming life-threatening. Cardiac symptoms can vary according to the underlying condition and the heart itself can develop a variety of problems. 

Dr Sukhjinder Nijjer, a Consultant Cardiologist who works in some of London’s most prestigious teaching hospitals, gives an introduction to his website and his holistic approach to treating and protecting this vital organ. 

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Are You Interested in Your Heart?

You push yourself to the limit

A busy work-life balance can means you maximise your time and live life to the full. Have you noticed you take longer and longer to recover? Have you felt you could do more? Have you felt that your lifestyle is beginning to take its toll? Review your health and lifestyle with Dr Nijjer; he can help optimise your lifestyle to protect your heart and cardiovascular system.
Dr Nijjer, Consultant Cardiologist
Dr Nijjer: Our busy lives have a huge impact on us. Lifestyle changes can make a difference.
Consultant Cardiologist

You have risk factors for heart disease

Taking a proactive approach now can mean you can dramatically reduce the chance of having a heart attack, developing heart failure or having a stroke. Dr Nijjer can help identify factors in your life that can be adjusted to help improve your overall health - often, without medication. Small changes now, can make a huge difference in the long run.
Dr Nijjer, Consultant Cardiologist
Dr Nijjer: You can't change your family risk profile, but addressing other factors can be lifesaving
Consultant Cardiologist

You have had previous heart treatment

If you have known heart problems, or have had heart problems that have been previously treated, then optimisation of your treatment can significantly improve your symptoms and quality of life. Dr Nijjer can review your condition and guide your next steps. Those with recurrent symptoms may need testing while those who are stable need observation.
Dr Nijjer, Consultant Cardiologist
Dr Nijjer: The longer term management of heart disease recognises that it is a chronic condition that needs careful attention.
Consultant Cardiologist

Do you have a Heart Problem?

This busy gentleman loves running
A 45 year old keen runner. While running he develops a tightness in the chest but it goes away at rest. He has a family history of heart disease.
Dr Nijjer, Consultant Cardiologist
Chest pain on exertion can be angina
This lady has high blood pressure
A 50 year old lady found to have elevated blood pressure during a Health Assessment organised by her Health Insurance plan. She feels entirely well.
Dr Nijjer, Consultant Cardiologist
Blood Pressure raises the risk of stroke
This gentleman had chest pain
A 64 year old gentleman who has attended A&E with central chest pains but told the blood tests were normal and to seek a further opinion.
Dr Nijjer, Consultant Cardiologist
New ones chest pains should be investigated
Recurrent palpitations can be troubling
A 30 year old lady having palpitations that keep returning despite reassurance by her GP. They come on quickly and make her breathless.
Dr Nijjer, Consultant Cardiologist
Palpitations can be due to cardiac arrhythmia

Common Symptoms & Signs

There are many reasons to see a Cardiologist. Here are the common Signs & Symptoms to book an appointment with Dr Nijjer. You may have these symptoms, or something very similar. Call 0203 9838 001 to discuss with Dr Nijjer.

Blood Pressure

The silent killer. Blood pressure remains the number 1 cause of death in the World. Holistic approaches can help if tackled early.

High Cholesterol

Blood cholesterol levels are one factor in the formation of atherosclerosis, or artery disease. Diet, exercise and in some cases, medicines can help

Chest pain

A central chest discomfort moving into the neck and arm is a feature of heart disease. Patients often have narrowing in their heart arteries. Medications are often necessary to stabilise symptoms.


A feeling of a racing heart beat, a thudding in the chest or skipping of beats is a common sensation. This can signify a cardiac arrhythmia and needs ECG monitoring to identify.

Short of Breath

A sensation of breathlessness when being active, when lying flat, or if it is waking you from sleep can be a sign of heart muscle weakness. You will need a heart scan (echocardiogram).

Cardiac Testing

Common cardiac tests that can give us a detailed assessment of your heart health

An Electrocardiogram can tell us about your cardiac rhythm and detect cardiac ischaemia


A 12-Lead ECG can help diagnose your heart rhythm and look for underlying heart disease.

Can Echocardiogram can directly assess your heart valves


Echocardiography uses ultrasound to see the heart muscle and valves; it is used to monitor heart function.

An ECG Monitor can detect intermittent arrhythmia

Holter Monitoring

ECG monitoring can be performed over 24 hours to up to 14 days to diagnose the cause of palpitations

Cardiac CT can visualise the coronary arteries in a non-invasive way

CT Coronary Angiography

CTCA is a non-invasive technique to assess for coronary artery disease.

Patients Feedback

Many patients have kindly shared their comments after receiving care
from Dr Nijjer. Book an appointment to discuss your care, now.

Dr Nijjer is consistently rated 5 Stars on Doctify
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I could be efusive or send you a flowery card but nothing could really express my appreciation and thanks for your care and treatment over the past months.

I was a mess emotionally trying to balance the various diagnosis, grief and of course fear. Your understanding, patience and clarity in explaining the complicated situations, offering support beyond your normal brief over Christmas and New Year, was holistic for want of a better word. Your skills and excellent supporting team are beyond words.

The success of the surgery and encouragement to get on with life, while keeping a weather eye on significant changes, has changed me for the better in unexpected ways. Carpe diem!
"I was referred to Dr Nijjer following intermittent chest pain and a rather extensive family history of heart problems.

On our first meeting, he greeted me warmly and the meeting progressed with some pointed questions but more importantly, a genuine desire to help and listen to my issues. I felt immediately at ease and was also convinced early on that he was incredibly knowledgeable and very much up to date on new advancements in his field.

Highly professional, great listener and wonderful patient interaction - I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Nijjer to others. Probably one of the best medical experiences I have had."
I came Dr Nijjer's clinic with my newly developed acute hypertension symptoms in a dreadful preparation to be in a routine of "test is taken, let's schedule a later appointment next week" a day before COVID lockdown. How wrong I was!!! Tests were taken at 9AM, results assessed on spot, additional tests added immediately, another assessment by the doctor, accompanied with a CT scan same day and I received full follow up by phone from Dr Nijjer later same night and a letter first thing next morning. Instead of horror of unknown about my health through the lockdown I had full assessment in a day, got a prescription that works, got an instrumental assurance that I will be fine for weeks and months that are needed to go through the lockdown and I will have my follow up when this lockdown will be in the past. Zero worries related to my tamed hypertension through the period!!! What a focus, professionalism, attention, decisiveness from Dr Sukhjinder and his clinic! Thank you so much, Dr Sukhjinder!
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Dr Sukhjinder Nijjer, Consultant Cardiologist

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Dr Nijjer’s Practice is part of the One Heart Clinic, at 27 Harley Street – stone’s throw from Oxford Street. A convenent central London location, with state of the art Cardiovascular testing, it is easy to walk from Oxford Circus, Bond Street, Baker Street or Regent’s Park tube stations.

Dr Nijjer also runs clinics at the Cromwell Hospital, Syon Clinic and Bishops Wood Hospital. All the appointments and bookings are run through our central team at One Heart Clinic.

Procedures such as Coronary Angiography are performed at the Wellington Hospital or the Cromwell Hospital. Some cases may need to be at the Hammersmith Hospital. 

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Dr Sukhjinder Nijjer, Consultant Cardiologist

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The One Heart Clinic has State of the Art Cardiac Testing facilities, on site. This includes all standard cardiac tests as well as CT scanning and MRI. This means we can co-ordinate your appointments to save you time.

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Our team includes Charlotte, Amy, Erin and Grace. They will ensure your appointments & tests will fit well together.

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Dr Nijjer works in a team and frequently discusses complex cases within a 'Multi-Disciplinary Team' which brings together lots of different Doctors and Specialists. This helps ensure we find the right treatment and Best Practice for you!

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Associated Societies :

British Cardiovascular Society
British Cardiovascular Intervention Society
European Society of Cardiology
Dr Nijjer, President of the Cardiology Section

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Dr Sukhjinder Nijjer Consultant Cardiologist

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