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Dr Nijjer, Consultant Cardiologist, has been treating patients on the NHS Frontlines. He has become experienced in managing patients with Covid-19 and has managed many patients who have developed Cardiac complications of this frightening virus.  

Dr Sukhjinder Nijjer Consultant Cardiologist
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Covid19 Affects the Heart

Cardiac Testing After Covid-19


An electrocardiogram can detect arrhythmia or evidence of prior heart attack


An ultrasound of the heart will show us if there is any weakness or damage

Cardiac Blood Tests

Covid-19 often have an elevation in Troponin levels - a highly sensitive cardiac enzyme. These are a marker of heart damage. Patients with high levels can have a worse prognosis.

Advanced Cardiac Imaging

MRI and CT can be used to detect even subtle areas of damage. CT can be used to assess the heart arteries while MRI looks at the heart muscle in detail.

Real life Patient Stories in the Covid-19 Pandemic

I developed heart failure after Covid-19. We are unsure if I had a heart weakness before Covid-19 but I never had any health concerns. After the virus, I've had weakness of the heart which needs scans to monitor.
A Real Patient Story
I developed Covid-19 after a business trip overseas right at the beginning of the pandemic. Initially I was fine but then developed a sharp stabbing pain in my chest. Dr Nijjer found I had pericarditis with some fluid around my Heart
A Real Patient Story
I was taken unwell into West Middlesex Hospital with Coronavirus. I had a heart attack while I was there. Dr Nijjer treated me on the ward and performed a stenting procedure. He did it through my wrist and I have been Ok since but need medicines.
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A Real Patient Story

Social Distancing in the Covid-19 Era

Social Distancing is not easy but here are some tips that may help

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