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Heart disease is one of the biggest killers across the world, but with the latest technology, screening can unearth hidden heart concerns before they become problems. Identifying symptoms early and getting the appropriate treatment can prevent serious problems from becoming life-threatening. Cardiac symptoms can vary according to the underlying condition and the heart itself can develop a variety of problems. 

Here, Dr Sukhjinder Nijjer, a Consultant Cardiologist who works in some of London’s most prestigious teaching hospitals, gives his views on the latest developments in heart surgery and gives tips on how to protect this vital organ.

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More Patient Case Examples

This 55 year old executive always thought he was fit and he regularly ran marathons. However he had a family history of heart problems and he was referred for assessment after an episode of squeezing chest discomfort. Dr Nijjer found him to have a critical blockage in his main heart artery and after considering the options, the patient underwent successful surgery and is back to running.

This 64 year old gentleman had a previous heart attack but was discharged and told there was no problem despite new symptoms. He saw Dr Nijjer who confirmed he did have a heart problem using a “dobutamine-stress echocardiogram”. Angiography confirmed new artery blockages which Dr Nijjer treated using the latest angioplasty techniques.

This 66 year old lady came to Dr Nijjer following an episode of acute chest pain with some delays at her local hospital. Dr Nijjer promptly arranged admission the following day and confirmed an artery blockage using a non-invasive CT scan. He went on to treat the blocked artery and had the patient home the same day.

This 42 year old gentleman developed heart problems after an accident. Dr Nijjer found a critical blockage and they discussed the need for traditional bypass surgery or a minimally-invasive stent. After a full ‘heart team’ discussion, the patient chose to have a stent and is back to his passion of martial arts.

Help Your Heart

If you have any concerns regarding your heart health, then please seek a referral to Dr Nijjer.  

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Dr Nijjer can be seen at :

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He also practices at Cromwell Hospital, Wellington Hospital, BUPA Clinics, BMI Syon Clinic as well as Imperial Private Healthcare.

The story of one of Dr Nijjer’s patients was featured in “The View” Magazine.  


An incredibly active sportsman with only a single episode of chest tightness.  He was found to have a critical narrowing of heart arteries and needed to have urgent life-saving surgery.

“I had no idea I had such a serious heart condition. Fortunately, Dr Nijjer explained my scans and treatment to my wife and I in a thorough and professional manner. I knew I was in the best hands with Dr Nijjer”

A grateful patient

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